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Pay up to 60% less than traditional leases or rents Commercial Property Guardians

Are you after affordable, flexible and temporary office space for a fraction of the cost? Here at VPS we have a great selection of commercial guardian spaces available.

In the U.K. it is estimated that between 11-15% of all commercial properties in mainland U.K. are vacant for a period of over 3 months or more. Empty commercial properties are an ideal setting for anti-social behavior and ideal for Squatters to enter unsecured buildings.

VPS commercial have a great range of products and models which means that any type of business or organisation can find space in the area they wish to work. Commercial guardians will pay up to 60% less than traditional leases or rents. This solution will save the commercial property guardians a large amount of money, it also improves neighbourhoods by boosting local economies and protecting the owner’s investment from anti-social behavior and vandalism.

VPS Guardians works with each commercial guardian to match them to the most suitable building in their desired area for their business. Examples include hot desks, office space, retail and industrial space as well as vacant public or private buildings.

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Commercial guardians can be as diverse as charities needing a shop, event businesses, small one-man band start-up businesses, artists requiring a place to exhibit or entrepreneurs wanting a pop-up shop to test concepts.

In return the commercial guardians being in situ in the building serves as a deterrent to squatters, antisocial behavior, thieves, asset strippers, vandalism and criminal damage due to the building no longer being empty. All commercial guardians are subject to a VPS Guardians vetting process and no tenancy rights are conferred to the commercial guardians from property owners.

VPS commercial conducts monthly inspections of the building and provides property owners with management reports. Upon notice, the property is returned to the commercial business owner in the condition in which it was placed under VPS commercial terms.

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Benefits for commercial property guardians

  • Fast, easy and flexible access to a professional workspace that suits the business need. Whether that be pop-up shops, hot desk office suites, warehousing or light industrial units
  • VPS Guardians will assist businesses to open shops or exhibitions in places perhaps they could not normally afford
  • Reduces Cost associated to commercial business spaces.

‘Easy and very flexible terms with no long-term tie ins or expensive leases – no need for solicitor’s costs.’


Benefits for commercial property owners

  • Save on business rates as VPS Commercial guardians pay these directly to the council in most cases.
  • The guardians’ presence in the building serves as a deterrent to criminal activity.
  • Ensures any maintenance or any other issues are quickly resolved and rectified.
  • The building’s condition is maintained and in constant use, thereby protecting the business asset and keeping it heated and in use.
  • Commercial property owners still own legal rights to the property.
  • Quick return of the property with just a 31-day notice period.
  • Peace of mind as VPS Commercial manage the who site to make it a hassle-free experience.
  • Easy access to your assets with just 48 hours’ notice to attend site

‘All VPS Guardians are carefully selected and interviewed and checked before being allowed to occupy any commercial building’