VPS Guardians launches a new website for affordable living space

VPS Guardians launches a new website for affordable living space

VPS Guardians launches its new website today, vps-guardians.co.uk, an interactive platform promoting security through occupation.

Growing market position
VPS Guardians market position has continued to grow, over 1000 guardians currently protect the properties under our management in the UK. We work for a variety of clients ranging from housing associations to local authorities and property investment companies. We provide effective solutions to minimise vacancy costs and risks, to help you meet insurance obligations, to limit the negative impact on the local environment and to preserve the value of your property.

VPS Group
VPS Guardians is part of the VPS Group, European market leader in the management, maintenance and security of vacant assets. VPS Group is headquartered in the UK, manages more than 50,000 properties and employs over 900 people.

New website
VPS Guardians sees plenty of opportunities to strengthen its market position in the area of security through occupation in the coming years, we are proud to offer a positive solution for vacant property and land whilst making our contribution to combat the housing shortage. Our new website fits in with this ambition, it is industry leading, fully responsive and has improved navigation in addition to a fresh design. It is a website with ambition and a platform to actively communicate with our guardians and clients.

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