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Living In Somerset

Somerset is one of the rural counties in the southwest region of England; however, there is much more to do in Somerset than look at dairies and cattle. This county, in particular, has a very rich history and offers tourists numerous relaxing opportunities. This article will provide information on Somerset acting like a beginner’s guide to living in the area. This part of the world can be expensive, so if your looking for a cheap property in Somerset we have you covered.

Somerset is based on historical ruins which were left after King Henry VIII laid waste to the once ornate abbey, which is said to be the resting place of Queen Guinevere and King Arthur. In fact, these ruins are one of the drawing features for tourists in Somerset and are typically visited between March and October by people from across the globe. Costumed guides take tourists through the parkland exploring the various orchards and ponds.

Burrow Mump – Somerset

One of the greatest traditions for people living in Somerset is the Friday evening drink at the local tavern with the cider in mind. Somerset is known for its cider with antique cider presses found at various taverns across the county. Tourists can enjoy the traditional, additive-free options; however, it is recommended that you leave the children at home so you can enjoy many of these drinks into the night.

Somerset isn’t a place for drinking exclusively; it has some dining items that are worth some notice. In fact, one of the largest UK gorges is found in the hills of Cheddar – a village in the northeast region of Somerset. The Cheddar Caves are the origin of the UK’s favourite cheese, Cheddar! Unfortunately, the only Cheddar Gorge currently operating is the Cheese Company. Here tourists can view cheese making at its various stages, enjoy tasting samples at the tasting bar, and then purchase cheese and pickles to enjoy at home.

If you are a fan of fish and underwater fancies, then Somerset can accommodate your interests with their newly built aquarium. Developed on a pier, the aquarium provides outstanding views of Wales across the Severn Estuary. However, there is much to see on the inside of the aquarium as well. With at least 25 displays, it is possible to enjoy close-up views of sharks and other sea creatures. Daily feedings are conducted by trained professionals, and you can enjoy these acts by watching at the side of the tank.

Living in Somerset may appear to be dull at first glance, but here are only a few of the exciting activities available to locals (and tourists). Becoming a property guardian in Somerset really is a great option for those looking for a country style life but at the fraction of the normal prices.