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A Selection of Some of our Recent Customer Testimonials

VPS Guardians - Testimonials

“For 16 months, I’ve lived as a VPS Guardian and can genuinely say the experience has been a good one. Prior to living here I researched other Property Guardian companies. Most reviews were off putting, with properties reported as being in a state of disrepair, poorly managed and with people being evicted illegally. I needn’t have worried. From the beginning, VPS have been amazing. The two things that stand out the most are staff professionalism and VPS’s attention to Health and Safety. Ami, who manages the building, has been clear, consistent and fair throughout.

She’s always available to answer any questions and if any issues do arise they are resolved quickly. VPS take Health and Safety seriously, from water testing through to fire safety and asbestos testing. Knowing that VPS takes the health and safety of residents seriously makes me feel better about living here. Overall, VPS manage this building well and there is a consistent theme of fairness and professionalism that appears to run throughout the company. “

Anthony Bardsley


"I have enjoyed my stay at the VPS property in Oldham and at a very reasonable price. In addition, I noticed that from my first point of contact with Ami over the phone and then onsite, she has been very professional, always ready to help, given regular and up to date communication,

Ami happens to be my main contact and Guardians' health, safety, comfort are noticeable of paramount importance and Regular inspections, and all electrical equipment are checked at the required time.

Other members of VPS staff that I have spoken to over the phone and others that I have met are very respectful to guardians both over the phone and on site.

In summary, the services I received during my stay at the VPS property in Oldham is Top Notch and will always recommend anyone to not just take my word for it but give VPS a trial. You will be glad you did.




VPS have consistently provided a proactive and adaptable service, whilst securing the building, providing suitable property Guardians to protect the property, and keeping the property costs low

Jon White,
Native Land, Property Developer

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