VPS Guardian Services safety and standards initiative recognised by the House of Lords

Doug Edwards, the current managing director of VPS Guardians Services, invited the major providers in the sector to meet to form an association with the express aim of ensuring a high bar of safety and standards was set across the industry. His call has been answered this month with the formation of The Property Guardian Providers Association (the PGPA), which was recently welcomed by the government and across all parties in the House of Lords.

The official record of parliament, Hansard, reports the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and Wales Office (Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth) as saying “I welcome the new organisation… I am keen to meet (them), and we have already taken steps to ensure that that happens to see exactly what is being done to promote best practice and safety among the organisation’s members…the organisation includes seven of the United Kingdom’s leading property guardian companies, and I shall discuss with ministerial colleagues how we take that forward.”

Doug has just been shortlisted by IFSEC’s Security and Fire Excellence Awards for his Contribution to Standards in the Security Sector, for taking this sector-lead in bringing the top property guardian companies together.


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