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VPS have consistently provided a proactive and adaptable service, whilst securing the building, providing suitable property Guardians to protect the property, and keeping the property costs low

Jon White, Native Land, Property Developer

Looking For an Affordable Space to Live or Work?

Here at VPS Guardians we have many affordable properties from as little as £60 per week! If you are a professional looking for great value accommodation to save money, or are sick and tired of paying sky high rental prices, we can help! Contact us today for further information or checkout our latest properties here.

What are VPS Guardians?

VPS Guardians help prevent the negative consequences of vacant properties, and in return you are offered a unique and affordable place to live or to work. Property Guardianship works for professionals or businesses throughout the UK, and it’s a great cost effective alternative to the high costs of the current rental market.

These properties and spaces are available on a short term basis, ranging from 1 month to 2 years and they are also in a varied range of building types. By putting these vacant buildings to use as affordable living spaces, we ensure these derelict areas remain active and livable. Click here to learn how our property guardian scheme works.

Quality-checked properties available throughout the UK
Affordable rates from £240 per month incl. council tax
Bathroom and cooking facilities in all guardian properties
Furnished and unfurnished properties available

Becoming a VPS Property Guardian?

We have a brilliant selection of vacant properties throughout the UK. We are seeking responsible and professional adults to become guardians, if this is you check out our available apartments and offices today. Here at VPS our number one goal is to ensure you have the best experience possible being a house guardian.

To ensure this we carefully check all our properties in great detail, so you can be sure that every property meets our very high standards. Signing up with us has many great benefits and allows you to live in some premium areas at a much cheaper rate.

We take the quality of our properties extremely seriously, and they are all thoroughly checked before becoming available. Our spaces are very affordable from only £240 per month incl. council tax. We ensure good quality bathroom and cooking facilities in all guardian properties, and we have both furnished and unfurnished spaces available for both residential and commercial guardians.

Rental costs have soared in recent years and become unaffordable for many young professionals. Becoming a VPS guardian not only gives you cheaper rent it also allows you to actually save money for your future. Stop paying sky high rent and save for your future. REGISTER HERE If you're interested in finding out more. All candidates must register first when enquiring about a property to ensure you meet the requirements below.

To qualify to become a VPS Guardian, candidates must have:


Online assessment

All guardians complete an online questionnaire to ensure they meet basic qualifying criteria


Face-to-face interview

Face-to-face interview to agree suitability, review and sign code of conduct and licence agreement


DBS (CRB) check

Employed earning >£16k, British standard referencing, criminal record check, adverse credit history, identity checks


Acceptance & Induction

Full induction given to all Guardians including fire and health and safety advice