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We attach the highest importance to the safety of our personnel, customers and guardians. VPS Guardians and the other PGPA members have measures that support and protect guardians who run into difficulties through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. Read more ->

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Beds: 6Baths: 2


350£350/Per Month

Looking for affordable Living Spaces?

Here at VPS Guardians we have many affordable properties from as little as £60 per week! If you are a professional looking for great value accommodation to save money, or are sick and tired of paying sky high rental prices, we can help!

Contact us today for further information or checkout our latest properties below:

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What is Property Guardianship?

VPS Guardians help prevent the negative consequences of vacant properties, and in return you are offered a unique and affordable place to live or to work. Property Guardianship works for professionals or businesses throughout the UK, and it’s a great cost effective alternative to the high costs of the current rental market.

These properties and spaces are available on a short term basis, ranging from one month and onwards. They are also in a varied range of building types. By putting these vacant buildings to use as affordable living spaces, we ensure these derelict areas remain active and livable.

Some of the Benefits of Becoming a Guardian

Quality-checked properties available throughout the UK

Affordable rates from £240 per month incl. council tax

Bathroom and cooking facilities in all guardian properties

Furnished and unfurnished properties available

What are the advantages of becoming a guardian?

There are huge benefits to becoming a guardian, some of the properties available can often be truly amazing! Other great aspects are the fact that some properties can be in some of the best locations in town, and that the overall costs are always substantially less than traditional renting.It can also be a great way to save real money towards a mortgage or home deposit, traveling and many others. In this day and age it’s extremely hard to save real money as living costs and rent within the UK have risen dramatically.

  • Properties and work spaces available throughout the UK, from only £60 a week including bills
  • Live in parts of the UK that would often be out of budget
  • Live in a community with other likeminded people, all approved by VPS Guardians
  • You’ll often live in very interesting properties
  • We have short terms contracts to suite most people requirements, range from one month and onwards
  • Flexible living just 28 days notice to leave
  • We will commit an emergency response within 48 hours, If any problem arises
  • Once a contract ends, will be do everything within our power to rehouse our guardians
  • Often our Property guardians can look after interesting buildings, such as pubs, schools, care homes, police stations, office buildings and more.

Often people starting out in certain creative fields can find the lower pay difficult to deal with. This is where becoming a live in guardian can help massively. Also key workers can benefit hugely from the overall reduced rental costs, especially in the more high end expensive parts of the country.

One thing important to remember is all of our properties and spaces are available immediately and you can often move straight in. Another great aspect is that you often have most of the properties facilities for yourself!

We find many of our guardians are often saving up for a mortgage, new car, traveling etc and this is the main driving force to become a house guardian. So much money is wasted on rent within the UK that most people can’t save any money at all, or end up with no money to enjoy life.

How do you become a Property guardian?

To qualify to become one of our guardians, you must have:

  • We require our Guardians to have a minimum annual salary of £16,000
  • Employer or character references from the past two years
  • Required to undergo a full credit and reference check
  • Proof of UK/EU residency or proof of right to stay in the UK
  • No pets or dependents