Protect Your Vacant Property

Providing property protection by occupation

VPS Guardian services can help keep your vacant property protected

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Vacant properties are at significant risk from intruders and damage which can result in expensive restoration work. Burst pipes and pest infestation can also go unnoticed causing further disruption, delays and expense.

VPS Vacant Property Services provides a cost effective way to keep your property safe, secure and maintained to a high standard throughout occupancy. Not only is having a property occupied a strong and visible deterrent, having it operational also significantly helps to reduce any maintenance concerns such as burst pipes etc.

Our property guardian protection provides occupation for all property types including residential, retail and office premises - for any length of time.

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VPS Guardians

Protecting people, property and assets on a temporary or emergency basis

Full, end-to-end vacant property security

Our service begins with a free, no-obligation site risk assessment, enabling us to identify specific risks to your property and advise and support you on the most suitable solutions to ensure the on-going security of your asset.

High-quality, extensively vetted Guardians

We carefully screen our Guardians before matching them to spaces, leaving you reassured that your property will be secure for the entire time it’s in our care.

Regular inspections and ongoing maintenance

All our buildings and spaces are inspected regularly and we can offer ongoing maintenance as required. We can even help you prepare your property for its next use when you’re ready.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Property Guardian service can help keep your vacant properties secure and well maintained.

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Our VPS Guardians

We carefully screen our guardians, helping to ensure the calibre of the individuals we place in your property, leaving you reassured that your property will be secure for the entire time it's in our care.

To qualify to become a VPS Guardian, candidates must have:


Online assessment

All property guardians complete an online questionnaire to ensure they meet basic qualifying criteria


Face-to-face interview

Face-to-face interview to agree suitability, review and sign code of conduct and licence agreement


DBS (CRB) check

Employed earning >£16k, British standard referencing, criminal record check, adverse credit history, identity checks


Acceptance & Induction

Full induction including fire and health safety