Price Range: From to

Double Rooms Available in Gravesend

Gravesend, Gravesham, Kent, South East England, England, DA12, United Kingdom

Beds: 8Baths: 2


Beds: 8Baths: 2


Double Room, Camden

London Borough of Camden, London, Hampstead, Greater London, England, NW1 7HW, United Kingdom


3 Bedroom Cottage, Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury, London Borough of Camden, London, Camden Town, Greater London, England, WC1B 5EG, United Kingdom

Beds: 3Bath: 1


Beds: 3Bath: 1

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Why London Is Such A Great Place To Be a Property Guardian

Why look for property guardian vacancies in London? Well London is without doubt, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, which goes some way to explaining why the city expects to welcome 38,8 million visitors in 2019. However, aside from London’s undoubted attractions as a tourist destination, there are also many people who choose to make London their home – why is this?

It was the English writer Samuel Johnson (born 1709) who may have summed up the attractions of London best when he noted that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

That observation is as valid as today as when he uttered the words on September 20, 1777 during a discussion with James Boswell, 9th Laird of Auchinleck.

Property guardians London
The Famous London Red Phone Box

What Does London Have to Offer?

So, what does London have to offer those who choose to make it their home base? Here are only some of the reasons that the city remains so popular.

Firstly – let’s get the all-important issue of a culinary experience out of the way. Living in London will expose the resident to some of the greatest global cuisine on offer anywhere in the world. It is a city that has become known for the vibrancy of its dining scene. From a late night curry to fine dining – there is something for everyone (including enjoying an iconic High Tea at a venue that made the practice world famous).

London boasts a wonderful public transportation system, this is one aspect all our property guardians in London From the iconic London Bus to fabulous taxis driven by knowledgeable drivers it is easy to access all of London’s many attractions. However, the Tube System (the well know London Underground’ is a wonder – and your pets get to travel with you – which is only right in a nation that simply adores its canine and feline companions. In fact, wild foxes who have been habituated to city life have been spotted taking advantage of the ease of transportation.

Houses of Parliament - London
Houses of Parliament

London’s Nightlife

The nightlife of London is legendary. Whether you want to simply sit back and relax at a bar or experience the highbrow attractions of the theatre – London has you covered. The bar scene is especially interesting – you can get a group of friends together to enjoy a game of Scrabble at a specialty pub or listen to the house cat purring on your lap London will provide you with the opportunity.

However, one of the greatest delights of living in London is simply exploring the city. Take the walk along Southbank and take in the waters of the Thames and the iconic landmarks along its banks.

London’s Beautiful Parks

Of course, there are also parks. Open spaces in London are filled to the brim with history and culture – and provide some of the most wonderful examples of planned gardens in the world. The Green Lungs of London are places where even the stresses of modern life seem far removed from experience – an increasingly rare attribute in our fast-paced world. A walk in St James’s Park is to step onto the paths that royalty once explored. Ringed by three palaces, Westminster, St James’s Palace and the home of the Queen – Buckingham Palace, it is literally a step back into more genteel times.

Probably one of the main drawbacks of this city is it’s popularity causes property prices to skyrocket in recent years. So finding cheap property to rent in London is extremely difficult and often impossible. This is probably London’s biggest downsides, often young professionals can find them selves spending a huge part of their wages on rent. Here at VPS we have a great solution to this issue, by becoming a property guardian with us you can save huge amounts on rental costs.

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