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Living in Manchester as a Property Guardian

So what makes Manchester so special, and why chose to live there as a property guardian? First of all there is a vibrant restaurant culture that seems to be going from strength to strength. The city has seen huge growth in dining options from new bars opening on seemingly every corner to fine dining destinations that will have even the most seasoned gourmand bewildered at the choices available. Take for instance Hawksmoor where steaks are elevated to new heights and the cocktail menu just begs for more experimentation.

For those who want to explore the more cerebral side of life Manchester offers galleries and museums that are second to none. Art gallery 'The Whitworth' has been names as one of the shining lights of the British art scene - and it's no wonder with contemporary and classic works that will take visitors on a journey across the global art scene. Of course there is also the Imperial War Museum North which attracts more and more visitors every year. There are so many other museums and galleries in Manchester that make it well worth a visit for those who want to enrich their minds.

Manchester Property Guardians

Manchester also has a thriving live music scene. This was after all the city that saw The Smiths and Oasis start their stratospheric rise to success. Today Manchester lives up to its reputation as a 'must do' stop for international mega bands who are doing the global circuit. The Manchester Arena has played host to stars such as Madonna and Prince, as well as Kylie Minogue over the past decades - and new talent is still using the city as a springboard to success.

Manchester also is one of the most exciting cities in the world after the sun sets. The nightlife is something that must be experienced to be believed. A night out in the Northern Quarter or a relaxed evening at one of the many other destinations in the city will have even the casual tourist begging for more.


For lovers of 'the beautiful game' there can be no better place to enjoy soccer (or football - make your choice) than Manchester. Great facilities and great teams make the experience of taking in a game something that will stir the blood of any sports fan. For lovers of cricket the hallowed turf of the Old Trafford cricket ground and two international teams battling it out is an attraction that should make for memories that will last a lifetime.

Don't forget that the city also has a thriving microbrewery scene. So for dash of refreshment head to Manchester - you'll be glad that you did

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