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A Guide To Living as a VPS Guardian In Cambridge

Living and working as a property guardian in Cambridge is a great option if your looking for a beautiful city to live. Cambridge has lots of history and has one of the best universities in the world. The city has a great selection of bars and restaurants so you will never be bored when socialising.

There’s Plenty To See And Do Here

If you do wind up setting up shop in Cambridge, you won’t have to worry about having nothing to do. This area is very lively, and there is a lot to do at any time of the day. There are pubs where you can grab a bite and catch up with your friends, there are parks to walk through, and there are lots of shops to enjoy.



Although Cambridge might not offer the kind of excitement that certain parts of London can provide, it’s still a lovely area to be in. If you call Cambridge home, you’ll be able to build a nice life for yourself.

It can be helpful to have a car if you live in Cambridge, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a necessity. Because public transit is readily available, it’s possible for you to get by without any vehicle at all. Many people also choose to ride a bicycle around Cambridge.

A car can be a big expense, which is why some people opt to live a car-free lifestyle. If you don’t have a car right now, then you won’t have to purchase one before you move to Cambridge. It is a city setup for bikes,

The cost of renting a flat in this area can be quite high. Even if your job pays a very fair salary, you might struggle to find housing that’s in line with your budget. That stated it’s certainly not impossible to find affordable housing in the area. You might just have to put in a bit of extra effort in order to find the right place. Here at VPS Guardians we have some great properties available at very affordable prices, much cheaper than traditional renting.

Use this guide to living and working in Cambridge so that you’ll be able to enjoy the time that you spend here. Many of the people that call this area home absolutely love it here. If you keep this advice in mind, then you’ll be able to say the same thing. If you have a vacant property in Cambridge that also needs protection, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Travel Times to Other Cities


  • Cambridge to London – 1h 35mins (via M11)
  • Cambridge to Manchester – 3h 32mins (via A14 and M6)
  • Cambridge to Birmingham – 1h 58mins (via A14 and M6)


  • Cambridge to London – 1h
  • Cambridge to Manchester – 3h 40mins
  • Cambridge to Birmingham – 3h