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Caverswall Castle - Case Study

Caverswall Castle caste study

When Caverswall Castle in Staffordshire fell vacant VPS Guardians were tasked with providing a temporary management solution to ensure the Grade-1 listed building was secure from theft, vandalism and trespassers. This moated castle surrounded by glorious Staffordshire countryside holds a rich history, and is one of only twelve moated castles in the UK. This meant the site has always attracted a great deal of interest, so VPS Guardians were brought in to limit any potential negative consequences of vacancy by protecting this impressive historic building.

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Maria Fidelis School - Case Study

Relive your schooldays in this original living space!

When the Maria Fidelis Catholic School moved to their new property the old school was left vacant. Due to several attempts of unauthorised entry to the old site the owner Camden Council brought in full time security guards to watch over the site. Manned guarding is an expensive option and after trialling this for some time the local council were looking for a cheaper but equally reliable solution. VPS were called in to discuss protection by occupation using the VPS Guardian service. The vulnerable building has a beautiful structure and design and is in a highly sought after London location, although it is only temporary our residents love to call this property their home

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Market Stall Space in Shoreditch, London

VPS will be providing a daily market next to the St. Michaels Churuch From Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm. This is a great opportunity to grab a spot in a new up and coming market place. These spots will go fast, so contact us today!

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