Security By Occupation – Case Study

Security By Occupation – Case Study

A private school in Gloucestershire was purchased and the plan was to redevelop the site into apartments. Despite being gated, there were still security concerns regarding areas considered vulnerable to breaches and measures needed to be implemented to protect the site from vandalism and potential issues with travellers accessing the site.

VPS were able to offer a variety of security options including live-in Guardians, this was deemed the best solution for the site given its size and layout, it consisted of several standalone buildings with vast amounts of surrounding land. The site was ideal for VPS Guardians as utilities could remain on throughout the term of vacancy and the guardians would keep the building from falling into disrepair. The client would meanwhile benefit from the solution being cost-neutral.

The Guardians were able to remain in the various buildings while planning approvals went through, the building was subsequently handed back without issue and the guardians moved elsewhere.

Richie Jones, Director of the Facilities and Management company in charge of the project said:

“VPS advised us on the costs for a variety of security options, but Guardians best suited our needs for this site as they offer security by occupation and we felt having a visual presence was key. Also, we wanted to keep the utilities running so the building remained in good condition ready for sale. We knew guardians would spot any additional maintenance requirements which could be addressed immediately.

Dealing with Laura at VPS made this service work smoothly and her support during the contract was always helpful and responsive. I would recommend talking to the VPS Guardian Team if you have security requirements, as their experience in the sector and the range of products they offer means they can cater to most needs.”


Ryan Mounsey

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