Copper Beeches – Case Study

Copper Beeches – Case Study

Property Guardians Bring New Lease Of Life For Care Homes

  • Project: Copper Beeches
  • Sector: Care homes
  • Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

While plans were made for the sale of a recently empty care home in Hampshire, our client identified the risk of squatting, vandalism and dilapidation of the property and asked VPS for advice. VPS undertook a free survey and identified the best solution would be to use Property Guardians in order to secure the property from vacant risks. Property Guardians also enable the property to remain in meaningful use, benefitting the whole community and providing affordable, temporary accommodation. Given the flexibility of Property Guardianship, our client would still be able to ensure vacant possession when plans for the site has been finalised.

Preparation of the property

Our experienced operations team inspected the care home and it required minimal work as the basic facilities were already in situ. VPS Guardians installed temporary facilities such cookers and washing machines which covered the necessary HMO (Houses in multiple
occupation) requirements and we ensured the property met all health and safety and fire safety requirements too and ensured these were maintained throughout the contract period.

In order to ensure the highest standards and compliance with the latest legislation VPS take advice from our Primary Authority Partners*. Our legally recognised partnerships are with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, Hampshire Trading Standards and Hampshire Environmental Health and Licencing.

Property Guardians

VPS were able to locate Guardians to occupy the property within 10 working days and there are currently 20 in this care home. Guardians provide security though occupation and protect the property 24 hours a day. They are able to report any issues to VPS via our 24-hour in-house cloud-based maintenance system and we also provide 24/7 contact with our team via the telephone. Property Guardians are carefully selected via our robust vetting process, and this property has a Head Guardian in situ who takes on additional Guardian responsibility, such as fire alarm checks to the required frequency. In addition, VPS carry out regular documented inspections of the site and provide constant access to the properties whilst our client is going through planning and sales processes.

To be continued…

In the 18 months to-date our Property Guardians have ensured the property has remained in meaningful use whilst ensuring site is secure and well maintained. The property will remain protected untill our client is ready to sell the site, and when VPS hand the property back, fully vacant, and within 31 days. In addition to making significant savings compared to traditional security costs, our client receives a monthly revenue for each of the Guardians that is in situ – turning a security risk into a revenue opportunity.


*Primary Authority is a means for businesses to receive assured and tailored advice on meeting environmental health, trading standards or fire safety regulations through a single point of contact, it is respected nationally and you can search for our membership here Primary Authority Partners.

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