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If you’re looking for affordable and flexible living spaces in Leeds, we have you covered! We also offer property guardian protection and vacant property services in Leeds. If you own any properties in need of protection contact us today.

Is Leeds a good city to be a property guardian?

Living in Leeds can be a lot of fun. Leeds is a vibrant city that has a popular university, good nightlife, and plenty of things to see and do. Leeds is northern enough that it lacks some of the aggressive business of London, but it still has good infrastructure and attracts plenty of good bands, plays, shows and festivals.

The cost of living in Leeds is remarkably affordable too. Leeds is vastly less expensive than London, Glasgow and even Manchester. The cost of living is on a par with that of Newcastle Upon Tyne, however Leeds has the benefit of being more centrally located, so it’s easier to travel to other cities, and you enjoy the benefit of having better public transport infrastructure too.

Leeds City

A Diverse and Vibrant City

Leeds is a diverse and multicultural city with a good job economy. It is a good place for young professionals and is the second-largest financial center in the country, with the largest being London.

The university is considered high quality, and the shopping and entertainment options are varied too. Young graduates should be able to find a job in the city and can focus on building their career somewhere that has a relatively low cost of living. Once they have built up some experience, it’s up to them whether they then move on to other cities or not.

Many professionals carve out a career at one of the big companies in Leeds, such as PwC, Centrica, Direct Line, First Direct, BT, or Yorkshire Bank, and choose to stay there because of the balance between expense and convenience that the city affords. So Leeds really is a great city for property guardianship, contact us today to start the application process.



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