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A Look at Living and Working in Liverpool Liverpool is a diverse city with a low cost of living, which is popular with students and recent graduates. Unlike Leeds, London and Glasgow it is not a financial center, but what it does have to offer is easy access to the Lancashire countryside, and a strong industrial heritage, as well as a rich history. The job market in Liverpool is growing at the moment. The city is one of the few that managed to achieve growth, albeit modest, throughout the recession, and there are thousands of jobs being created every year.

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The average salary in Liverpool is £1,782 per month, but the cost of living is around 21 percent lower than that of London, so that salary can go a long way. Rent, utilities, entertainment and groceries are all comparatively inexpensive in Liverpool versus other major cities. The main employers in Liverpoool are public administration, healthcare and education. Shipping and logistics are also major contributors to the economy.

The port has always been important to the city, and while there were some difficulties during the period when the shipyards shut down, the port is busy once again, thanks to a multi-billion investment scheme which created 17,000 jobs for the city. The headquarters of NYK and Maersk line in the UK are based in Liverpool and the airport and docks are owned by Peel Holdings. There are some financial companies in the city, including Barclays, Abbey National, and Royal Bank of Scotland, and there are some investment firms headquartered in the city as well. This means that there are options for people who would like to get started on that career path.

Relocating to Liverpool is a good option if you like the thought of stunning scenery, rich architecture and a low cost of living, or if you are someone who is looking to move to an area that is at the beginning of a promising redevelopment.



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